While some of us were working our eight hour office jobs, or in school for examinations, or simply going through what could be a monotony of rituals to go through the day or what could be exciting phases in our lives; the Supreme Court ruled for the LGBT community’s right to same-sex marriage. It was incredibly unbelievable for most people: an incredible victory for some, and an incredible abomination for others.

I was letting my Facebook feed inform me during this weekend and I stayed off the topic, without really thinking about it until a friend asked me if I was against or pro same sex marriage. My answer saddened me because I said “neither” that moment. And I hate apathy. Indifference kills so much of us. It cripples us. But that is a different story altogether. Anyway, it brought me to thinking and reading more articles. For one, I believe…

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From the restlessness of my youth, to the calming of my heart, thank you for being my serenity and my home. I promise from today and forever, you will no longer walk alone. I promise to stand by you and to hold your hand on this journey. -Heart to Chiz


“The greatest love stories are the ones that are never allowed to happen.”

True Story


(this one is long, and has no positive message..)

One of my friends told me that his mom recently opened up to him about a man in her distant past. When she immigrated to the States in the 70s, he told her he’d wait for her back in Taiwan. Well, she obviously never went back, met her husband here, and is now in a mediocre marriage that she’s come to just..accept. “Do you think she ever wonders about that guy?” I asked.

This story made me also think about if my parents may have had (or still have) figures in their past who they sometimes think about.. and decades later wonder, what if? I don’t ever want to have that feeling. Deep into my future marriage, is there any way to avoid the destructive thought of “the one that got away”?

The concept of “The one that got away” has long been…

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