I’m actually only thirteen…

True Story

Phil 13

I turned 30 yesterday. I’m not really freaking out though. Aside from not being able to use the excuse “well I’m in my twenties” to explain why my life is still so unsettled, and the fact that I won’t be able to apply all those wonderful thoughtcatalogue and elitedaily articles telling me 23 things I should’ve done in my twenties.. I see life just going on. In many ways, I actually feel oddly young (to my parents displeasure surely), and I think that’s because.. I’m really only about 13 years old.

If you are in your mid-late twenties, hell, even in your 30s, and you still feel lost, confused where it all goes, what it all means, and that you need more time.. I think it’s because we actually haven’t had that much time to figure things out. Our minds are much younger than our body. I still feel young despite turning 30…

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